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Bradninch Walks

On this page are a series of walks that you can take around Bradninch, kindly

shared  by Dave Kennedy, Sue Jackson and Jim Porteous. Please feel free to share any walks that you have

by sending to

" I have been in Bradninch for twenty years and have always been a keen walker having

previously been on the Dartmoor Rescue Group. When i go for a walk I love to explore the

historical points of interest on the way. I also like to look out for the various flora and

fauna on the route, we are so lucky living here with Buzzards overhead, kingfishers

on the Culm and orchids in the wetland to name but a few. Enjoy the walks, enjoy

the fresh air and remember to look around you and see all there is to see"". 

                                                                                                                                  Dave Kennedy

" When I arrived in Bradninch twenty years ago I didn't know anybody or many local places. After joining Ramblers in Devon I found myself exploring further afield. The pandemic has given me the time and opportunity to really get to know our local highways and byways much more. It's been fun to show others what is there on our doorstep"". 

                                                                                                                                      Sue Jackson

" I have  lived in Bradninch for ten years and, with Ms L.Honeybee, enjoy finding new walks in the area. I have edited the Bradninch Magazine, am a local town councillor, and keep a keen eye on Exeter City FC."


                                                                                                                                  Jim Porteous


The Bradninch eagle is a key icon to look for when walking around Bradninch. The Bradninch 'eagle' seal was given to the burgesses of the town in about 1120 by the illegitimate son of Henry 1, Arthur Reginald (Earl of Cornwall and Lord of Bradninch), 

You will  see roads and landmarks associated with the history of the town. For example Sainthill was named after one of the knights who killed Beckett.

Richard Plantagenet, the Earl of Cornwall and son of Henry 111, ensured we are entitled to a fair twice a year and a market every Saturday. He also built a palace in Bradninch, hence 'Palace Lawns' and 'Park' farm. Richard also  built the castle at Tintagel in Cornwall  that you can see today.


View of St. Disens from Parsonage Street above  The Manor                       Singleton's Lane bridleway which runs from Beacon   

                                                                                                                                   Hill to Back Lane 

                                                            Top of Oxfordenham Lane-runs from Parsonage Street 

                                                             (above The Manor) down to Park Farm


*Please note that walks are taken at your own risk

Walk 1 Guildhall/Millway/Paceycombe/Allotments/Kensham 2 miles  (2/5)

Walk 2 Guildhall/Beacon Cross/Castle Hill/Hen Street 1.5 miles (2/5)

Walk 3 Guildhall/Beare Straight/Silverton Mill/Penstone/West End Road 5 miles (3/5)

Walk 4 Guildhall/Parsonage Street/Winham Lane/ Hele Road 


Walk 5 Guildhall/Cholwill Lane/Strawberry Lane/Colebrook Lane/Beacon 6.7 miles (4/5)


Walk 6 Guildhall/Highdown/Colebrook/Beacon Cross 7 miles  (4/5)

Walk 7 Guildhall / Beacon Hill / Stokehouse / Bunneford Cross 6.25 miles (4/5)

Walk 8 Guildhall / Caseberry / Christ Cross Lane / Beacon Cross 4 mies (4/5)


Walk 9 Guildhall / Loews Corner / Ellerhayes / Worth 4 miles (2.5)

Walk 10 Guildhall / Ash Cross / Trinity Common / Weeks Cross 4 miles (4/5) 

Walk 11 Guildhall / Castle Hill / Fordishaies Lane / Trinity / Singleton’s Lane 5 miles (4/5)

Walk 12 Guildhall /Worth / Cot Lane / Greenslinch / Christcross Lane / Beacon Hill 6 miles (4/5)

Walk 13  Guildhall / Hele / Poundapit Copse / Whitedown Copse / B3181 5.5 - 6 miles (4/5)



Please go to the Bradninch Spar shop if you would like to collect a free  printed brochure containing all 6 walks. 



The Countryside Code


Devon County Council

This link shows all public footpaths and bridleways in Devon. This link gives you the option of a mobile version as well as a standard download


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