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Practical Help

Offering help and support, Neighbour to Neighbour

Our offer of support is available to anyone in the area. You don’t have to be classed as vulnerable: whatever your circumstances, please ask for help if you need it.

Our volunteers can help with tasks like shopping, picking up prescriptions and dog walking. To keep us all safe, our volunteers will not come into your home, will always carry ID and will arrange their visit in advance.


There have been a few Zone Coordinator changes, and the new contact information is below. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact us.



Zone 1: Purple

Fore St, Church St., Hen St., Beacon Rd. & roads off, High St. Cariad/Nash: Tel./SMS/WhatsApp 07870 553 032 or tel. 882 285.

Zone 2: Blue

Cullompton Hill, Heggadon Close, Parsonage St., Hornbeam Gardens, Millway & roads off, Culver Close

Dorothy/John: 881 766                                   

Zone 3: Orange

Westfield, Barns Close, Passmore, Cherwell Meadow, Landunvez, Jubilee Road, West End Road (west from Passmore), Hele Road (west from school field). 

Viv: 882 285

Zone 4: Green

West End Rd. (White Lion to Passmore), Dukes Orchard, Hele Road (White Lion to School field), Townlands, Bowley Meadow

Anthea/Anthony: 881 595

Zone 5: Brown

All outlying areas

Sophie: 882 048

Zone 6: Yellow

Hele and Strathculm

Luke: 07772 459 537

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