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BradTog Company Information

This page contains links to BradTog legal governing documents, policies, newsletters and guidance notes for volunteers.  See our getting involved pages for documents to support you in thinking through your own potential community project.

Legal Governing Documents

We are a not-for-profit Community interest company and our legal governing Documents can be seen here.


BradTog Policies

We have some policies that guide our activities to be legal and safe.

1: Problem solving and complaints

2: Safeguarding

3: Health and Safety

4: Privacy Notice GDPR

5: Equality and Diversity

Guidance Notes

We have guidance notes for volunteers and people seeking assistance and they can be seen here

001: Welcome to BradTog

002: Contact and Safety

003: Prepaid Collections

004: Shopping and Reimbursement

005: Non Answer at Door

Individual BradTog projects may require more developed policies to be in place.


Guidance Notes
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