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Mental Health Matters


A growing community of local people interested in mental health, wellbeing and cultivating care in our community.

Are you interested in joining the growing informal Mental Health Matters interest group hosted by BradTog in partnership with the Town Council and Network Rail?

So much in our lives is dependent on good mental health, and many things become difficult when we are struggling. Our town has been touched by the tragedies at the Hele Crossing and other adversities and our aim is to see what we can do to cultivate care in our community - Together.

Our informal group currently numbers about 50 people, and activities so far have included weekly postings on mental health matters written by a range of contributors and shared via e-mail and the BradTog website/social media, informal drinks and conversation (by Zoom so far, but hopefully coming to a pub near you soon!) and a number of training opportunities for local people, including suicide awareness and Mental Health First Aid.  Your interest, concerns and questions will shape our future activities.

There are no fees or expectations and you can leave the group any time.

If you are interested to know more and join in please email us.


All good wishes,

Glenn Roberts, Sophie West and Kate Beith

for BradTog MHM

Friday Postings

mental health

HELPING YOURSELF AND SUPPORTING OTHERS There’s a good deal we can do to look after our own mental health and support others – even if we feel that we lack skills and confidence.  Click here to find out how to look after your own mental health and to support others. You will find a range of support services and resources.

5 DAY MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE Devon County Council wants to help people look after their wellbeing and mental health during this second national lockdown. Click here to find out more about  the 5-day Mindfulness Challenge. 

DEVON RECOVERY LEARNING COMMUNITY The DRLC provides a lively and interactive online platform that includes live webinars, links, library resources, and activities; it also offers in-person courses, outdoor activities, and runs a weekly drop-in and lending library of recovery resources that is open every Wednesday in Exeter


IT'S SAFE TO TALK ABOUT SUICIDE Click here to read the latest article from BradTog MHM and the services of the Samaritans.


WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS Click here to find out more about the benefits of walking .

5 WAYS TO WELLBEING Click here to read this simple but effective guide. 

RECOVERY STORIES Click here to find out more about stories of personal recovery that sit at the heart of what has come to be known as the mental health recovery movement.

SUPPORT DURING THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD Click here to find where you can can turn to if you would like or need to find some personal support.

Mental Health Matters: A new year, a new hope?

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: A NEW YEAR, A NEW HOPE Click here to find out more about the positive impact of poetry on mental health and wellbeing.

RESTORING LOST CONNECTIONS Click here to find out more about the importance of maintaining healthy connections during Lockdown.

BEING GOOD ENOUGH Click here to read the article by Becky Hardwick on the struggles that many of us have with not being 'good enough'. 

SO WHAT CAN WE DO? Click here to read more about how we can be  active in cultivating mental health for ourselves and others.

ZOOMING ALONG TOGETHER: Click here to read more about how online chatting unearths as many opportunities as frustrations.

CULTIVATING CARE IN THE FARMING COMMUNITY Click here to read more about the projects taking place and the resources available to support positive mental health in our farming community.

LEARNING TO LISTEN Click here to find out more about the Samaritans' approach to listening.

MEN: IT'S OK TO TALK Click here to find out more about Andy's Men Clubs

SUICIDE AWARENESS Click here to read more about this topic

LISTENING TO " A LETTER OF HOPE' Click here to read a letter written by a group of people in Devon who knew was it was like to come close to suicide but survived. They came together to share their experience and write a letter of hope to others.

HOW TO BE HAPPY Click here to read more about  Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Happiness, which is an entertaining read … but also a friendly support to take action in our own lives; School of Life’s philosophical review of Small Pleasures and Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein.

ONE YEAR ON: REFLECTING BACKWARD...AND FORWARDS Click here to read a reflection about the about the impact of the last year on our mental health.

ATTENDING OUR ATTENTION Click here to read more about a group who have developed an approach to peer support that intentionally focuses on health and recovery:


SLEEP WELL TO STAY WELL? Click Here to explore a variety of links about ways of developing strategies to manage  sleeplessness. Glenn also shares his video about ‘befriending insomnia’. 


Click here to read this post which considers how we can start talking about mental health with our children and young people.​

HOW CAN WE LEARN TO BE HELPFUL? Click here to find out more about Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).

THE JOY OF WALKING  Click here to read more about  Sue Jackson's  reflections on 'the joy of walking'. and the positive impact it has had on her mental health.

COPING WITH A CRISIS  Click here to read more about strategies to cope with a crisis, keeping safe and resources that may help.

VALUING VULNERABILITY Click here to read more about the positive aspects of acknowledging vulnerability.

MAKING SENSE OF 'MINDFULNESS' AKA: The gentle art of befriending your mind. Click here to read

more about this well publicised but often not understood area of mental health.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO LEARN HOW TO GET WELL AND STAY WELL? Click here to read about being active in our own recovery.

UNLOCKING LOCKDOWN - REFLECTIONS Click here to read open and candid  reflections by Sophie about some of the challenges of our present shifts and, in sharing something that's made a big difference to her, asks us to consider what's helping, or could help us, to 'unlock'?

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