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BradTog Online Events


If you’d like to find out more, or are interested in hosting an event on any topic,

please email




Watch this space for details of the next events in the programme – and do get in touch ( if you, or your organisation, would like to run or take part in an event!

Stories to download read by Samantha Buckle

For adults

Click here to download A Bundle of Troubles

A tale for you- as an adult listener; told by the fireside, under the light of the next full moon this month -The Bundle of Troubles offers a medicine tale of courage, hope and resilience when all faith has left you as a parent...and feel as if all hope is at a loss...this story may offer you a thread of hope


For children

Click here to link to Shingebiss .

A Native American Indian tale, in the form of a puppet show about a brave little brown duck, who bravely faces the Chief North Wind, who every day, tries to bring grief, hunger and sorrow to the little brown duck. 

The brave little brown duck, does not give up and we see how his brave little heart, gives strength to journeys through his continual quest of managing the temper of the Chef North Wind who ventures down from the land of glittering snow.


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